We offer an online Bachelor’s Degree Program to our students to earn college credits for flight training hours.

Eagle Aircraft was the first FTA (Flight Training Affiliate) outside the state of Virginia to be established with Liberty University. We have been successfully partnered with them since June of 2014.

Entering the next phase of Eagle Aircraft Flight Training as an affiliate of Liberty University School of Aeronautics means college credit for our students and help to finance your dream.

Liberty Courses at Eagle:

AVIA 220 – Private Flight I
AVIA 225 – Private Flight II
AVIA 320 – Instrument Flight*
AVIA 325 – Commercial Flight I*
AVIA 326 – Commercial Flight II*
AVIA 327 – Commercial Flight III*
AVIA 331 – Commercial Pilot, Single Engine Land Add On
AVIA 420 – Flight Instructor Flight*
AVIA 422- Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument (CFII)*
AVIA 440 – Multi-Engine Flight*
AVIA 441 – Multi-Engine Instructor*

*VA approved courses

Apply today at www.liberty.edu/eaglestudent

Military and Veteran Benefits

Liberty University is proud to serve the men and women of the U.S. military and offers the following benefits:

      • College Credit for Military Training
      • GI Bill®/Veterans Affairs Benefits
      • Military Scholarships
      • Tuition Assistance For more information, visit www.Liberty.edu/MilitaryAffairs.
      • YELLOW RIBBON PROGRAM: Liberty University is a partner in the Yellow Ribbon program, which allows eligible students to continue their studies once their annual GI Bill® funding has been exceeded.
*course offerings with an asterisk next to those that are VA approved
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