Meet Our Staff!

Nathan Moore - Chief Flight Instructor, CFII, and Phase Check Instructor

Nathan Moore was a former chief at Eagle before moving on at Air Wisconsin and has returned as our chief once again. He has over 4000 hours total.

John Sendra - Assistant Chief, CFII, and Phase Check Instructor

John graduated from Lewis University with an Aviation Degree. He received his CFI & CFII here at Eagle. He has over 1800 hours of flight time and is a Gold Seal instructor. He is able to instruct Private, Instrument, and Commercial students.

Greg Knapp - CFII, MEI, and Phase Check Instructon

Greg Knapp is a Captain with United Airlines and is currently flying the B-737. He has been with United for 23 years, 15 years based at O’Hare. Greg has been an instructor for 28 years and employed at Eagle as a Asst. Chief Instructor for 6 years. Instructor ratings include CFII, MEI, and he is also ATP type rated in the B-737. Greg lives with his wife and four children in Valparaiso. He is a 1990 graduate of Liberty University.

Ethan Credit - CFII and Phase Check Instructor

Ethan is currently acquiring his B.S. in Aviation with Liberty University. He was a dispatcher for 2 years prior to being a CFI and has flown all 700+ of his hours here at Eagle. Can teach Private Pilot, Instrument, and Commercial students.

Cas Otterbacher - CFII and Phase Check Instructor

Cas got her Private Pilot License and CFI training at Eagle and her instrument, commercial, and CFII at Purdue University with a B.S. in Professional Flight Technology. She can teach Private, Instrument, and Commercial students. 

Lucas Adent - CFI

Lucas trained here at Eagle for his Private Pilot License and then attended college at Florida. He has 250+ hours. He can teach Private and Commercial Students. 

Andrew Szidik - CFII

Andrew is currently getting his B.S. in Aviation from Liberty University. He has done all of his ratings here at Eagle and has 450+ hours, most of which were done here at Eagle. He can teach Private, Instrument, and Commercial students.

Trent Bothun - CFII

Trent is attending Liberty University for a B.S. in Aviation and is a member of United Aviate. He was a dispatcher prior to being a CFI and has completed his training here at Eagle Aircraft. Trent can teach Private Pilot, Instrument, and Commercial Students. 

Brennan Buhr - CFII

Brennan is a native of Albany, NY. He graduated from Notre Dame with a B.A. and later earned a J.D. He completed his training at New Horizons Aviation in Goshen. He has 260+ hours and can teach private and commerical students.

Jeff Wampler - Multi Engine Instructor, Phase Check Instructor

Jeff was a former instructor at Eagle Aircraft and we’re excited to have him back on the crew! He has 12,000+ hours of flight time. He is a business owner and currently instructs part time at Eagle.

Paul Vogel - CFII/MEI Flight Instructor

Paul is a graduate of Purdue University and has been a Flight Instructor at Eagle since 2005. He instructs part-time as a Multi-Engine Instructor. Paul lives in Valparaiso.