Application Guide for Candidates and Providers

The link below will help international students to fill out the necessary form to apply for flight training in the U.S. The fee is ($130.00 USD) and will need to be paid when the TSA sends a note to the student asking for payment. The student will also need to submit fingerprints when requested.

After students fill out the form, they should print a copy of ALL forms and payment records submitted to the TSA for their personal records.

Once approval is received, training must begin immediately as most of the training under the visa is good for only 365 days.

These are the steps that you will need to follow:

1. Start an account on the FTSP Flight Training Security Program website. You will need to create an account, and the FTSP will email you the user name and password.

2. Log in to the Flight School Candidate website, fill out and submit application. Follow the notes below:

• Category: 3

• Provider: Eagle Aircraft

• School Student Identification Number: your first initial and last name

• Course Identification Number: 101 (Private Pilot), 103 (Instrument), and 104 (Multi-Engine) *

• Course Name: Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, or Multi-Engine Rating

• Course Description: Private Pilot Training, Instrument Rating, or Multi-Engine Rating

• Rating Goal: Private Pilot ASEL, Instrument Rating, or Multi-Engine Rating

• Aircraft Type: Cessna 172/150 (Private through Commercial), Rockwell Commander (Complex), and Beachcraft Baron (Multi-Engine)

• Start Date: Enter a date approximately 30 days from application

• End Date: 1 year after your selected start date

• Review application and submit.

3. Eagle Aircraft will receive a notification that you have applied and we will then confirm your application. The TSA will next contact you to pay the fee.

4. After you have paid, wait for an email confirmation from the TSA which will include your AFSP Training Request Number and instructions for fingerprinting. Save and print ALL emails from the TSA.

If you have trouble with any of the steps above, please feel free to contact Eagle Aircraft anytime at +1 (219) 464 0132 / +1 (2019) 332 2312 or

*you are not required to sign up for commercial training with TSA