G1000 Equipped Skyhawks

Training in these Cessna Skyhawk 172 aircraft featuring the highly advanced Garmin G1000 glass cockpit is the perfect airborne classroom.

Cessna 172 Skyhawk G1000s

2006 model Cessna 172SP with the latest navigation system available. Both N973HA and N1449C boast 180hp engines and will seat up to 4 people. The G1000 flight deck package simplifies all primary flight, engine, and sensor data for intuitive, at a glance awareness.

Cessna 182

N94334 is a 1973 model Cessna 182. It has a 230 hp engine and speeds up to 170 mph, making it the perfect aircraft to get to your destination in no time.

Cessna 172M Skyhawk Steam Gauge

We have two 1975 model Cessna 172M. They have a 150hp engine and seating for 4. Updated avionics make these aircraft a great addition to our fleet. 

Cessna 172N

N75762 is a great trainer for the techy pilot. It has a G500/G1000 small touchscreen package, Ipad mount, Go-Pro mount with an In-Flight kit for better video minus the prop. 160hp.

Cessna 172P

N5314K is a 1980 model Cessna 172 P. It’s equipped with a Garmin 430 and 160hp engine. Similar to our 172 M & N models, 14K is the perfect training aircraft for Private, Commercial, and beyond. 

Cessna 150

N10839, N1NS, and N7186S make up our 150 fleet. The Cessna 150L model is a great aircraft for those looking to increase their flight time with as little expense as possible. Two of our C150’s are IFR certified and all three are on our Part 141 Flight School certificate.

Beachcraft Baron 55

“Triple 7” is a 1978 Beech BE 55. It features a Garmin 430 and KFC Bendix King Autopilot. This aircraft can be used for High Performance training and has a cruise speed of 180 knots. 260 HP. It is available for rental and training. *Not taking out of school students at this time.
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