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Interested in Becoming a Pilot?

Private Pilot Certificate

Interested in learning to fly? With our accelerated 141 program, you can get it done faster and cheaper! Click here to learn more.

Instrument Pilot Rating

After completing a Private Pilot’s course, you move on to a Instrument Pilot rating. It allows a Private Pilot to fly through clouds, and around weather. Click here to learn more.

Commercial Pilot Certtificate

Want to make money while you fly? The Commercial certificate is your next step after instrument. Click here to learn more.

Multi-Engine Pilot Rating

Have you been thinking about getting your Multi Engine Rating? Get it done with focused training and complete your rating in just 5-8 hours. Click here to learn more.

Why Train at Eagle Aircraft?

Eagle Aircraft Has Been Training Pilots since 1979. We have trained over 2000 students in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana area! Our FAA approved accelerated 141 program is perfect for those students wanting to save money and finish as efficiently as possible! Call 219-464-0132 to learn more!

Meritize offers a Professional Pilot Loan to pilots in need of financial assistance based on your merits, not just a credit score. They will look at things like academic achievements and military history to help in addition to your credit score. Visit their website by clicking here or by copy the website link ( to learn more about their program.

Current Happenings

Train Here, Work Here!

We love hiring students who have trained through our program. Being a CFI is still the best way to build hours toward your future career goals. Click here to apply for a position at Eagle as a CFI, CFII, MEI!

Male Student Housing Available

We have room for two male students right now. $350/mo rent or $20/night. Call for more details 219-313-4909.

Flight Hours and What You Should Expect

Click here to find out more about the national average (Our-Average-Flight-Hours)!

Our 40 Hour Club!

Check out our 40 Hour Club to see students who finished in under 40 flight hours!

Safety Report

If you notice a breach in safety while out flying, please use the link below or the QR code and fill out the form to help mitigate risks and make our school safer! Click here for the link (

Discovery Flight Experience

Interested in leaning to fly but not sure if its for you? Want to give the gift of flight to your friends or family? Visit out page here to learn which experience is best for you!

Private Pilot Ground School

Our next free Ground School is: Sep to Nov 2023

Tue/Thurs Evenings 6-8:30pm 

Call to get on the list 219-464-0132.

You Can Learn to Fly!

Eagle Through the Years!

DOD COOL Program

Part of the military and wondering how you can get the credentialing you need to transition back to civilian life? Click here to see how the DOD program can help you!

VA Benefits

Our VA Benefits include Instrument Rating, Commercial Certificate, CFI/CFII/MEI, and ATP Ground Course! Visit our Liberty University page here to see how you can also use your VA benefits to get a degree! 

High School Field Trip Visits

High School Field Trips

For just $65 per student, your class can:

  • Spend some time with our CFI’s talking about Newton’s Laws of Motion and Bernoulli’s Principle
  • Take a tour of our facility
  • Experience a flight in one of our aircraft.  Each student has a half hour flight time, in the cockpit.
  • Enjoy refreshments
  • Take home a book entitled, “Learn to Fly” along with some amazing memories.

We can fit up to three students per plane and send up several aircraft simultaneously to make your visit more time-efficient.  We encourage you to bring your camera to share the experience with parents and the school.  Parent chaperones are also welcome to experience this with their child.

PI-1000 Elite Simulator

Fly our brand new 2021 Elite simulator! Our simulator can be used for 14 hours of your instrument rating and 11 hours of your commercial rating. It can also be used to prepare for your Multi-Engine rating, allowing you to get familiar with with the multi-engine plane before your first flight. It is also G1000 AATD equip. Call to schedule time on one of our simulators!

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